Good Luck team on the 2014 USAT National Team Trials

Manila Taekwondo competitors will be attending the upcoming National team trials in Colorado Springs, Colorado on January 9 - 14

Please join us to wish them the best on the upcoming tournament.

  • Joseph Ong - finweight

  • Niko Cruz - lightweight

  • Cheyenne Lewis - senior featherweight

  • Angela Neeley - featherweight

  • Michelle Chow - light heavyweight

  • Michelle Gonciarz - bantamweight

They will be competing against the best athletes for the righ to represent the country on Seniors, Youth Olympic Games, Juniors and Cadet divisions. 



Good luck Team Manila Taekwondo. Today is the day.

admin said

Good luck team Manila! Bring home the gold!

Michael S said

Good Luck to all of you tomorrow. We will include all of you in my prayers.......sending good vibes all the way to Colorado, OTC!

The Noble Family said

Niko wins his first fight. Good start for the team!!!

admin said

Wish all the best to Manila fighters, bring glories back HOME!!!

jimmy man said

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