About Manila Taekwondo

            Master Henry Cruz opened Manila Taekwondo in Union City, 1996. In 15 short years Master Cruz has produced over 100 National Champions, multiple National Team Members, Pan Am Gold Medalists and World Champions.

            His son, MASTER CHINO CRUZ, is a Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) certified 4th Degree Black Belt, and proud owner and head instructor of Manila Taekwondo 2, or M2.

Learn Tae Kwon Do:

From basic to competitive, at Manila Tae Kwon Do you will learn punches, kicks, forms, weapons, breaking and sparring.  As you progress, you will learn to compete outside of the school and be involved in local, statewide, national and international competitions.

We actively participate in Taekwondo Competitions thorughout California, and USAT santioned and sponsored events throughout USA.

Learn Self-Defense thru Sport Taekwondo:

Specialized Training for kids, Age 4-17

Learn with Certified Instructors:

Our pool of Coaches and Instructors have developed: Nine (9) US Junior National Team Members, US Open champions, California State Team Members and Champions, Philippine Open Individual and Team Medalist, Pan American Juniors and World Junior Medalists.

*** Come and Join the Family and be part of a school that promotes togetherness, teamwork and discipline at all times.  Experience a wholesome, family-oriented environment